Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Photo Story As I Perceive It – Part 2

Frame 1

Caption: Meditation in Himalayas

Storyline: At Tunganath (12,500’)in Garhwal Himalayas, the highest located Shiva temple in the world, on a cold and lazy afternoon, the Sadhubaba seated on wall of temple compound gives divine dimension to the place. He is totally focused on Lord Shiva through his inner vision.

Frame 2
Caption: Journey to Salvation 

Storyline: The Buddhist lama at Thiksey monastery walks up the stone steps with resolve and conviction, to go to the Monastery. The peace loving followers of Buddhism, stay round the year at the monastery hostel even in harsh cold winter at high altitudes.

Frame 3
Caption: Peeping Out Of Snow Cover

Storyline: The highest motorable pass in the world at 18,400’, Khardung La in Ladakh is no hospitable place to be in, even in early summer. The glimmer of hope is Rinchen Cafetaria, with its signage trying desperately to peep out of ten feet of snow. The tunnel through the snow leads one inside the cafeteria. It is  amazing to see icicles hanging from the ceiling. However, the hot Kashmiri tea and lukewarm samosas (heated by microwave oven powered by a diesel generator) are immensely palatable.

Frame 4
Caption: Multi-tasker 

Storyline: The young man is a qualified pharmacist having a medicine shop in an under-developed town of Garhwal hills, who doubles up as a doctor (the stethoscope is hanging on the wall) for poor needy villagers. In this frame he is tending to head injury of a patient. In my second visit I found this guy in his dentist avatar, preparing to extract teeth of a poor villager, who was waiting for the injection administered to have its effect. On both the occasions, I waited for at least ten minutes to get my medicines!

Frame 5
Caption: Pensive 

Storyline: In early morning, a pensive looking driver on a tourist car top, waiting patiently for late risers to deposit their luggage for onward travel. The bunch of bananas over his head signifies the responsibility he shoulders for carrying safely the tourists, driving over the difficult hilly terrains of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. God fearing, honest and hardworking people of Gahwal endeared in our hearts for our trips in that region.

Frame 6
Caption: Instant Happiness

Storyline: The village belles who came to our help when we lost our way in the hills during our Deoria Tal trek in Garhwal Himlayas, enjoy a moment of happiness to see their photos in digicam LCD. For replay of this scenario one would like to get lost in the hills again and again!

Frame 7
Caption: Monsoon bounty 

Storyline: Monsoon time is no lazy time for Garhwali women, who travel long distances barefoot over stone mud track of the hills, with their sickles in hand. Soaking in the rain with the stack of green grass fodder on their back is good enough to bring that satisfying smile.

Frame 8
Caption: Block Printing On Roadside

Storyline: The cloths in various shade of colors and printed with Ladakhi script adorn the entire Ladakh, be it on house tops, at Monasteries and Chortens ( Buddha stupas ). The couple seated on roadside do the block printing on a white cloth and folding it methodically prior to shipment.

Frame 9
Caption: That eager wait 

Storyline: Early morning at Stok trekking point, Stok village, in Ladakh, the Ladakhi child has opened the garage dhaba ( eatery ) and waiting eagerly for her parents to arrive and serve the tourists (who have arrived by car), their morning cuppa.

Frame 10
Caption: School Beacons

Storyline: The villagers of religious places in Garhwal Himalayas, do not lag behind in education of girl children. The child after her puja is all geared up and walks towards school and is determined to achieve her goal. 

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