Photo Story

Photo Story As I perceive It – Part 3

Frame 1
Caption: Cozying up 

Storyline: Not many people venture out to Shivaji Park sea beach on a sunlit morning at 11 am. Even the lazy stray dogs have gone to sleep. With distant view of Mumbai sea-link and the solitude at the place is ideal for the couple of young ones to come closer and share their .........more..........  


Photo Story As I Perceive It – Part 2

Frame 1
Caption: Meditation in Himalayas

Storyline: At Tunganath (12,500’)in Garhwal Himalayas, the highest located Shiva temple in the world, on a cold and lazy afternoon, the Sadhubaba seated on temple compound gives divine dimension to the place. He is totally focused on Lord Shiva through ............more........


Photo Story As I Perceive It – Part 1

As the saying goes, a photo says a thousand words. Not always the beholder can perceive those thousand words, as the photographer would like to convey. Ten images are presented with a few lines to tell the story. Author has no pretensions of presenting technically perfect photographs with respect to exposure timing, aperture setting, focusing and clarity.

Here it goes.
Frame 1
Caption: Religion is cricket 
Storyline: In Mumbai for most youngsters, the religion is cricket and the game is played round the year, in every available empty space. The huge Shivaji Park Maidan after heavy rains, leave a few inches of water on ground. This does not dissuade the local boys belting a few ..........more.........

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