Thursday, 17 July 2014

Small Bird Photography – The Easy Option

Small birds of size as small as sparrow or even smaller are a great deal of frustration for catching in the lens. The hyperactive creatures are too fidgety to get stationed in one place. It does become extremely difficult to focus and frame it and press the shutter at the appropriate time with a steady hand. Ninety nine chances out of hundred they would have flown away or just took off while one presses the shutter. If at all the bird is in the frame, the image invariably looks hazy and out of focus. An expert photographer will select a higher shutter speed as much it permits him to get a good image by freezing the shot to make it clear. Even some photographers take multiple pictures of the same frame (read bird ) where the shutter is kept pressed and then multiple images are captured as per camera’s default setting of specific number of frame per second, thus enabling the person to choose and select the image of his choice.

As author I have no pretensions of having the expertise to take small bird images by using digicams. My bird photography began by taking video clips through Handycam and occasionally taking the frame out of the clips in video editor to get an image of the bird. Here I will present some images of the small birds created out of two Handycams giving videos and images of different resolutions. Handycams typically gives 30 frames per second allowing a wide range of bird frames to choose from.

Handycam Sony DCR–SR 47: Video Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Image created by Microsoft Movie Maker Video Editor
Image size: 53.5 KB / 41.8 KB / 53.5 KB / 53 KB


Handycam Sony HDR-CX 240 E: Video Resolution 1440 x 1080 pixels
Image created by Sony PlayMemoriesHome Video Editor
            Image size range: 1.1 MB to 1.3 MB



Comparing two Handycams for qualities of their images, the High definition frames from second Handycam gives a reasonable quality pictures, which perhaps will be far difficult to achieve by lay photographers by taking still images by digicam. Check it out!

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