Sunday, 16 December 2012

Photo Story As I perceive It – Part 3

Frame 1
Caption: Cozying up 

Storyline: Not many people venture out to Shivaji Park sea beach on a sunlit morning at 11 am. Even the lazy stray dogs have gone to sleep. With distant view of Mumbai sea-link and the solitude at the place is ideal for the couple of young ones to come closer and share their thoughts.  

Frame 2
Caption: That One Will Suit You

Storyline: Not very far from the seashore, at Shivaji Park Maidan, the Durga Puja Pandal and saree stall in the evening are sure shot attractions for the visitors. The hubby seems to have his choice made up even before the better half skims through a huge stock of sarees as is customary!  

Frame 3
Caption: The First Few Alphabets

Storyline: A few months after the Durga Puja, Saraswati - the Goddess of learning, once again makes her journey to the earth. In School celebrating Saraswati puja, it is most auspicious occasion for a child to begin the journey to literacy. The child is excited, the Panditji is enthusiastic and mother is proud.

Frame 4
Caption: Threshing Is No Easy Job

Storyline: With the advent of Spring, the weather getting hotter, the tourists head for hills of lower Himalayas. Urgam (6,000’) is a tiny village in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, consisting of a few hundred villagers whose occupation is mainly agriculture. The woman is on with her job of threshing wheat grass to remove the grains, watched on by the senior member of the household.

Frame 5
Caption: The Agony

Storyline: On the hill slopes at Birthi, Kumaon, Uttarakhand, the women work side by side along with their men folk, in shoveling the mountain loads of hay. The woman is in agony with shoulder pain and the hubby looks on with concern.

Frame 6
Caption: Melee at Gaurikund 

Storyline: In early summer with snow melting in Garhwal hills, the high altitude Himalayan shrine of Kedarnath reopening, the pilgrims throng the narrow street at Gaurikund in early morning, to begin their journey. The jostling and bickering of pilgrims with pony-wallas, pittoos (porters) and palki-wallas and high decibels is quite annoying for trekkers who are impatient and want to move out of human jam to reach the trek path.

Frame 7
Caption: A Welcome Breather 

Storyline: The 14 km Kedarnath trek is an arduous one and time taking, climbing nearly 6,000’on a constant gradient. One takes numerous breaks to get his breath back and then resume. The trekking father and daughter duo take a short break and make use of the time to watch couple of young local guys frolicking on snow mass on a distant hill slope.  

Frame 8
Caption: Father In Son’s Footsteps

Storyline: The Kedarnath is base for trek to Gandhi Sarovar at the snout of Chorabari glacier which is on foothill of Kedar Massif Himalayan peaks. The early summer snowfall in 2007 made the Sarovar area risky to approach, with possibility of sinking into the lake while walking around it over the snow mass. The young man goes nonchalantly ahead on his mission with a concerned father following and keeping vigilance.

Frame 9
Caption: Moon-struck in morning

Storyline:In early summer, getting rid of accumulated snow through melting, the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh opens up to tourists. With the appearance of the deep blue sky on a sun lit morning, the moon does not go out of vision so easily. The swaying willow trees seem to make their intentions clear of reaching for the moon. 

Frame 10
Caption: In Search Of Himalayan Crow 

Storyline: There is nothing fancy about the Himalayan crow and hence nothing to crow about. Yellow beak differentiates it from the rest of the species we see every day. This not so rare bird is found in high altitudes of Himalayas. A few years back in May 2006, returning from Gaumukh, my friend spotted it hopping very close to us. I merely had a glance at it. Tired after twenty km of trek that day, I did not feel like lifting my camera! Subsequently I spotted it at Badrinath, and before I could point my camera, it was gone. The quest continued till I finally caught up with it at Rangdum, Ladakh in summer of 2012.

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